Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Renegade Craft fair 2011

We got lots of cute loot at Renegade this year. Part of it had to due with the fact that vendors took credit cards. In previous visits, we would stop by the ATM beforehand, pull out some cash and then whatever you had in hand was what you were able to spend. You're a much more frugal shopper that way. However, this time all three of us spend tons more than ever before. Vendors used the "Square" card reader and here's how it worked:

Vendors plug in the free Square card reader into the audio jack of their iphones or ipads and swipe your card through it. They can even take a picture of the purchase so they know exactly what was in the sale. Then they ask for your signature...that's right, on their IPHONE! You use your finger to draw your name on their screen pad. Then they hit send to authorize over the wireless internet. A few seconds later, they ask if you want your receipt emailed or texted to you. I chose the email option, and I typed it in for her. Done. Ciao! Now, the best part is yet to come... When you do your next purchase (and you know you will at kick-ass Renegade,) the system remembers your email and you don't have to type it in every time. Just a signature. And when you get home, your receipts are waiting for you in your email. Cool, huh?
Junior modeling her expensive new necklace after coming home from the gym.

I could not resist these from "Knicker Rocker"

And these...

Here's the free Square card reader

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