Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Easy Halloween costume

Seriously, how cute would this be as a Halloween costume?!? Just add a brown sweater or sweatshirt and your little monster is ready to roll!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cinnamon Roll Brunch

I bought myself a gift. When I saw this new book at Williams Sonoma, I knew I had to have it. The photos are awesome, the recipes sound delicious and there's even a recipe from Tartine Bakery here in SF. I gave Junior some purple sticky tabs to mark what things she'd want me to make. Naturally she marked 80% of the book! But, I knew all along which recipe I'd want to try first and we invited the girls over for a Labor Day brunch.

The night before, we did some pre-brunch prep so we could sleep in longer on our day off.  When I can, I always like to set the table the night before. It's one less thing to worry about. I chose my sassy cowgirl tablecloth and got out grandma's silver coffee service. Did you know that silver is worth more if it's tarnished? Someone once told me not to polish my silver and that's all the excuse I need! 
And yes, mom, I ironed the cloth napkins.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why, Giants? WHY???

Today the Three Fat Birdies hit AT&T Park to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Arizona Diamondbacks.

 Some of you may be confused.  Why, you might be asking, would Three Fat Birdies, who spend their days crafting and baking, be interested in baseball?  Well, for one thing, there are cute boys involved:

The Giants, suited up and ready to go