About Me

Stephanie (Birdie 1) is a crafty, country girl who’s living large in the big city. Originally from the Central Valley in California, I moved to San Francisco almost ten years ago to further my career in theatre education for kids. I’ve always been crafty (theatre people often are) and learned to sew while making costumes as a teenager. One summer, I had a bunch of friends having babies, so I got out the old sewing machine and started making snuggly blankets for them. I wanted their children to have a keepsake that could be loved until it was threadbare too! 

Seri (Birdie 2) works for a life sciences company in the bay area and crochets during her free time. She learned the basics of crochet from her 7th grade Home Economics teacher and has been working at it off and on ever since. 

Junior (Birdie 3) is our silent partner in crime. She’s an attorney by day and a crafter by night. She is dragged to countless fabric stores throughout the Bay Area and is subjected to endless inquiries about her opinion. She can paint, glue, crochet, cross-stitch, and sue you with her lady lawyer ways! Some day she will quit her job and write a novel. Until then, she crafts.