Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Layla came to us from the vet's office. Someone had dumped her there when she was a puppy. It took the staff 3 days to catch her. They knew my family liked German Shepherds so they called. She was so malnourished that her ears drooped.  But with a new happy home, good food and a big backyard to explore, she started to perk up and join the family.

You never know who a rescue dog is going to grow up to be. Our other rescue Shepherd is lazy, sweet and dumb. But Layla seems to be so happy and grateful to have a home that she works everyday to show her appreciation. 

She is the perfect guard dog, barking at strangers coming up the walkway and chasing off possums and other critters from her backyard. She loves babies and carefully investigates and follows them worriedly as they bobble around the house. She patrols the pool when kids are swimming. And as seen below from 2 subsequent years, she protects our Christmas presents! Layla's favorite past time is looking out the front window like this. When she first came home, we blocked her off from this room because she was still in the chewing phase, but soon realized she needed the window. She always has to know what's going on around her house. And as soon as we un-barred her from this room, the chewing stopped. She'd found her job.

Take a risk on a rescue dog. You may just get a smart, sweet, grateful dog like Layla!

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