Monday, April 2, 2012

We flew south for the winter, but now we're back!

Hi everyone!

We took a little blog hiatus for a bit, you know, to live some life and stuff. But we're back in the nest again and ready to share a crafty spring.

Fall is my busiest season at the theatre and since you've last heard from me, I've directed 5 plays, the last one being a production with 70 kids. My studio is a hot mess of scraps and sequins. I've lost 2 glue guns (along with my sanity,) I'm almost out of thread and my drawer of ribbons looks like a festive octopus party. I had so many unfinished birdie projects that it made me sad to go in there (because I knew I wouldn't have time to work on them.)  Luckily, I'd built up quite a stock of blankets to sell for the long winter months, and even though I ran out of picnic blankets to sell, I've been hanging in there with cozy baby blankets. I have the Etsy app on my iPhone and I love when I'm out at the movies and my phone pops up a message saying I've sold a blanket. I'm just out enjoying life and the sales magically happen.

I've been working on a big batch of picnic blankets and did a photo session yesterday in the windy backyard. I'll post pics after I've uploaded them. Some super cute fabrics!

Next weekend, we're off to our favorite vacation spot for Easter. It involves a lot of eating, sleeping, reading on the woobie couch (the softest sectional this side of the Mississippi,) playing with dogs, seeing what's growing in the garden and midnight trips to steal lemons from the neighbors. Oh, and Bunny Cake...

And this guy shows up too!

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