Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kitty Cats!

I was SO drawn to this fabric and I couldn't figure out why, until... I realized it reminded me of Shirley's "Boo-Boo Kitty" from Laverne & Shirley. Plus, it sorta looks like the printss from the late 1970's and that's totally when I was developing my style--my fashionable little girl style (lots of calico, flowers and ric-rac.) I've lost count of how many I've made in these two prints. I had one lady who bought both the blue and the pink because she couldn't decide! These prints are also the inspiration for our new line of kitty pillows. In fact, the back of the kitties are made from left-over backing from these blankets.

There's Boo Boo Kitty! I have no idea what Laverne is holding.
It looks like a cow-donkey...a conkey?

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