Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bird Blankets

I guess if you're going to have a business with the word "birdie" in the title, you need some frickin' birds on your products! Well, that's not too hard. There are so many cute prints with birds out there, and our birdie blankets are our top sellers. I guess we're not the only ones who like birds. Side note: our old roommate Olivia loves bird stuff but hates actual birds, which I find hilarious. She also hated when you said the word "panties," so now I've removed that word from my vocabulary out of respect.

Enjoy, bird-lovers!
Olivia bought this one.
Print reminds me of the late 70's. I must've had a dress made of a print similar to this.
This one went to Chip and Vicki's new little girl. They already have a girl, and I thought the birds looked like little sisters. Though now I realize they're supposed to be birdie lovers!
I've made THREE of these
We called this one the "cocker spaniel" blanket, because the lining
felt like, well, a fluffy cocker spaniel.
This one looked like it had those craft googly eyes that moved around
This is one of our best sellers and one of the very first prints I ever bought.

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  1. LOVE IT! You are SO incredibly talented and I love reading this blog for creative inspiration!


    Hugs from the non-bird loving, bird lover