Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hootie Hoot

We knew we needed "bird stuff" because of our name. But I was really into making baby blankets. I loved picking out the unique prints and stitching it all together. After a big batch of blankets, however, I realized I had a bunch of backing, batting and some scraps of fabric left. I HATE to waste things, so I just starting laying it all out on the table. What on earth could I make? Well, my mom like owls, so maybe I'll try that. On a whim, I drew out a pattern on some art paper, cut the fabric and sewed it together. And, viola! I played with different faces and realized simple is best. Isn't that how it always is? Once I figured it out, I couldn't stop. I used up all my extra scrap...which gave me an excuse to go pick out more blanket material...which gave me an excuse to use the scraps to make more owls. And so the endless cycle of blankets, owls, blankets, owls began. And to think-- I could've just thrown those scraps out!
The original Three Fat Birdies. I kept the one on the left, but the others have sold and flown off to new homes.

I started realizing that their personality is born in their eyes. The placement of the pupil tells it all. This one looks worried. 

They like hanging out together in one nest.

Our very first prototype. I ended up making the eyes a lot bigger, which I think amps up the cute factor.

Our very first owl sewn together. He's lumpy and bumpy, but we love him.

Welcome to the factory.

Junior likes to hug them after a long day of lawyering.

Sometimes the owls get into our liquor cabinet while we're at work. Bad owl! Bad!

Family portrait

Owls in concert: some owls like to sit on pianos and perfect their hooting.

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