Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Merced Open House

We decided to do a trial run with friends/family before hitting an actual SF craft fair. And I'm so glad we did! Among other things, we figured out how to best display our wares, which price tags to use, how to wrap them up for customers and how to pack our inventory (easy for Seri with hats, not so easy for me with 30+ blankets.) The absolute best part was getting feedback on our items; what customers liked, what they didn't, why they gravitated towards certain items, was the price too high/low, etc. Plus, it was an excuse to stand around and chat and eat sugar cookies.

Oh, and a big shout-out to Kelli of Dwelling
who helped answer a ton of questions for us and brought a bunch of her customizable letters to our event too. Super cool!

Well, at least there's fruit

Ice cold lemonade, anyone?

Dwelling: Letters by Kelli

They look a little spooky in this light

It was the day before Easter, so we put a few items in Easter baskets

Seri, Junior, Cari, Stephanie

Kelli's letters

More of Kelli's cute letters

Kendall picked out her birthday owl

I think she's looking for a hat to match

You can barely see it, but Macy is running around the backyard carrying her owl while wearing an innertube 

And now she's picked up a water gun, while still carrying her trusty sidekick.

Maxwell could've been our model all day long!

I think this mouse is up to no good.

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